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Our world is full of competing visual stimuli. Capture that stream of visual consciousness with this great app for the iPhone.

We live in a world filled to the brim with images, occurences; stimuli. Multiple image photography, collage, triptychs – these have all been around for a long time and the history of art and photography are full of amazing examples of artists who have tried to capture and transmit a broader range of visual information through a series of single images collated together into something the viewer can appreciate and soak-up in one eyeful.

Obviously, one solution to this is to use moving image capture; video or motion-picture film. But the fact remains that stills, like books, allow the viewer to take in information at their own pace. Unlike movies, which have a pre-determined pace that you need to keep up with in order not to miss anything.

The iPhone has brought a multitude of photography applications to the palms of our hands and one that has risen to the surface is QuadCam….and thanks to Charles Lacz for switching me on to it.

The notion behind QuadCam is obviously very simple. Most good ideas are, after all: capture multiple images and display them as a collage. But the quality of the app sets it apart from many other photography apps available for the iPhone:

  • It’s GUI [graphic user interface] is smart, clean and intuitive.
  • It has a small but sensible number of options and they all do something different and cool.
  • Once you have seen what it can do, the app propels you to examine and capture the world around you in a different way.
  • The developers were confident enough about their idea to come straight to market with a paid-for version, rather than feel the need to release a ‘lite’ version, complete [as is usually the way] with annoying ads and restricted features.

Here’s a demonstration of QuadCam in action….

For 115Yen, you really can’t go wrong with QuadCam and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the images you make with it and, more importantly, the way the app will get you feeling creative.

If you are a QuadCam user and want to send is in some of your favourite shots, email them through to alfie[atmark]japanorama.co.uk

Here’s a few of mine…..

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