Photowalks in Tokyo: Todoroki Ravine

A lovely photowalk in a leafy oasis of town that doesn’t feel like Tokyo at all.

The Todoroki Ravine is a lovely little section of suburban Tokyo that doesn’t feel like Tokyo at all. Once down in this leafy incision in the quiet corner of Setagaya-ku, it is easy to forget that just a matter of a mile or so away you have busy expressways and all the other bustle that is characteristic of Japan’s capital.

Here’s a couple of shots I posted to Flickr this week, from my recent walk in Todoroki. The first one was shot on the Thursday walk I did with students:

The wonders of autumn in Japan; Todoroki Ravine, Tokyo

Flowing water & autumn windfalls: Todoroki Ravine, Tokyo

Red Bridge Over the Todoroki Ravine; Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Here’s a slideshow from Joanna’s shots of Todoroki, which she took on the walk we did there on Thursday. Some great shots, Jo. Well done!

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And here’s one of Sarah’s shots. Great work, the pair of you ladies! :-)

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

We started our walk at Todoroki Station, which is on the Oimachi Line just a stop or two from Futako-tamagawa. From the station it’s a short walk to the ravine itself and the whole length of the valley is a little over a mile. We took our time with that mile though, as apart from some lovely trees, a stream and nature… there are a few cool little shrines and such-like.

Here’s a gallery of shots made with my iPhone as I did the walk on my own the week before we did it with students.


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