Photowalk in Yokohama: Sat. 12th December

A photographic stroll through Japan’s biggest ChinaTown, with a couple of cool little projects along the way.

Police in Yokohama's ChinaTown watch over the fireworks & celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the modern Chinese republic

Photowalk Around ChinaTown and the Bayside; Yokohama

We’ll be starting at Ishikawacho Station, meeting at the ChinaTown exit. The walk will take us right through Japan’s biggest Chinese community – with plenty of time to explore, stop and shoot – and we’ll end up down at Yamashita Park on the bay around sunset.

We may also have the pleasure of a model along for this walk too, for some street portraiture and fashion shots. I’ll confirm this later in the week.

Along the way, apart from having some great streets, people, temples and stuff to shoot, we’ll be doing two fun little assignments:

Shoot My Name: from shops, signs, road-markings or wherever else you can find them, we’ll be gathering with our cameras the letters that spell each of our names. It’s a bit of fun but gets you looking for creative ways to pick up each individual letter from your name. It could be a 6ft tall ‘A’ from a neon sign, or you could delve into macro-world and grab an ‘L’ from a discarded shopping receipt you find on the street.

Primaries: hunting for creative and dynamic photographic compositions using the traditional primary colours of yelloe, blue and red. You could choose to use them together or make a photo with one or other. However you do it, we’ll be expecting you to grab something cool in each of the three colours.

  • Meeting place: Ishikawacho Station [Negishi Line], exit for ChinaTown.
  • Meeting time: Saturday 12th December, 11am
  • Approx end time: 4pm
  • Cost: 3500Yen
  • Kit: bring street orientated gear, so something wide, something long and something in between if you have it. No need for tripods. This is a walking lesson and we won’t be doing anything that needs a tripod. I will be bringing the usual bag of Nikon goodies and some older lenses you may not have seen me with before: 135mm f/2.8, 85mm f/2 and my macro extension tubes.

If you want to come along, drop me a line to alfiejapanorama[atmark]

Contact details on the day include that email address and this phone number: 090 9971 7805.

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