Colours of Tsukishima

With a bit of down-time between meetings, Alfie soaks up some colour in Tsukishima.

On a rainy day with time to kill what better than crusing the narrow back-streets of one of the most characterful parts of Tokyo; Tsukishima. That’s what I found myself doing yesterday, with an hour and a bit to spare before a meeting with Gin-Ichi’s rental department manager. What’s more, on such a grey and dreary day it seemed more than appropriate to set the D700 to one of the more vibrant picture controls I’d created; ‘Things1’. You can find this and all my other Nikon Picture Controls to download here.

Tsukishima’s elegantly decrepit back-lanes are always a source of interesting knick-nacks and I set out to find ones that jumped out at me with their colour. The over-saturated colour-tones of the picture control I’d set, together with the dreamy bokeh and subtle, vignetted light fall-off of the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 shot wide-open made for the perfect combination.

All the shots on the gallery below are straight out of the camera.

In my constant drive to find the perfect RAW file conversion, I tried converting these to JPEG first with Capture One Pro which, disappointingly, desaturated the very vibrant colours. The RAWs looked perfect and converted well to TIFF in Capture One but the JPEG conversions are disappointing. So, I did them in Nikon ViewNX [yes, I know I said I’d never use Nikon’s RAW processor again] and the results were much better. Will continue to bat these matters around until I settle on a workflow that preserves what I shoot 100% from RAW to JPEG.

All these shots are a little precursor to the colour orientated project I’ll be setting next week.

Alfie’s colour-swatch of Tsukishima


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