Shoot the kids!

Our recent workshop produced some great shots. We showcase a few here.

Taking great shots of your kids is not as hard as it sounds and some of the best lighting solutions are the simplest ones; a white sheet draped in front of a window can provide soft light if you don’t happen to have frosted glass windows at home and white walls can provide a great high-key background.

After getting the four students on Sunday availed with a basic grip of flash and ambient mixed exposure, we started off the session with a bit of fun in the studio’s bubble window, which provided a great test-bed for their new skills in balancing available and artificial light.

Using soft available light through the frosted studio windows was next and we made several set-ups in this way, shooting from the side and front, with both white and black backgrounds to get high and low-key effects.

Sadly the lovely play area across the road was in the middle of a manicure; I guess the lawnmower man had been waiting for a lovely sunny day too. So we stayed inside the studio instead and by this time baby Charlie had arrived on set for his first studio shoot.

Little babies tend to be the eaiest to shoot as – providing they are happy – they tend to stay where they are put. After letting Charlie get into the swing of things with a few shots in ambient light, sitting with me and Hiromi, Irwin put together a lovely setup in one corner of the studio, with two black backboards [one used as a surface on which to place Charlie] and a softbox overhead. We got a few shots of the boy before he protested. In stepped Joe and Ami to take over. Neil’s little boy, Sam, had a few shots taken of him too.

A massive thanks to the kids for modeling and for being so patient with everyone. Big shout to the four students: Abbie, Susan, Neil and Ivan for taking it all in and shooting some great pictures.

Gallery below of work from students and by me. All shots captioned with the shooter’s name.

We’ll be doing another kids shoot soon, so keep an eye out for details on the calendar. Or join our mailing-list; application is via a little app in the right-hand side of the site home-page. Thanks.


Here’s a gallery of shots I’ve taken of kids… mostly my own


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