Photowalk: Rokugoudote to Kawasaki Daishi

An afternoon wander around the interface between Tokyo & Kanagawa.

What more pleasant way to spend a Monday afternoon than trundling around on foot in a part of Tokyo not too far from home, but that which one know’s little about. Throw into the mix a Mamiya medium format camera, digital back and Hasselblad lens and one has the makings of a perfect afternoon in the suburbs.

Rokugoudote is one of those places you generally pass through; a local stop on a usually express train journey for me, from home in Omori down the Keikyu line into Kanagawa.

This Monday I decided to get off at Rokugoudote and have an explore. It turned out to be interesting and I ended up exploring all the way down to Kawasaki Daishi, somewhere we did a photowalk not so long ago.

The area around the river and under the road and rail bridges in Rokugoudote conrtains one of the most developed homeless ‘villages’ I have seen in Tokyo; house-like structures, vegetable gardens, recycling… quite an eye-opener because of the extent of the population down there and over the river on the Kawasaki side. Bumped into some nice folk though, shot pics of their cats and will go back and gently develop a relationship with some of the people, if I can, to get a little doco going.

Anyway, I must dash out now as I have some people to teach but just wanted to get a little gallery of shots up. All straight out of the Mamiya, no post-pro.

There’s another pic of one of the cats here.

Photowalk from Rokugoudote to Kawsaki Daishi


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