Yokohama Photowalk: Sat. 22nd May

Gallery of photos from the areas we explored last week.

Yokohama has some great spots to explore with a camera and, like any city, it has its well-beaten paths and it has quieter neighbourhoods which lie off the tourist routes. We did a little of both on last week’s walks, starting in the boroughs of Hinodecho and Akamoncho before heading across the city ending up in ChinaTown.

The small temple and vast cemetery in Akamoncho was quite a discovery. From the modest but pretty temple, the graveyard sprawls up a wooded hill and offers plenty of possibilities for exploration and great photos. I must say that the ‘dry-run’ of the walk I did on Wednesday was anything but dry, with rain driving down almost all day. On Wednesday I headed out on the walk with talented American human-rights activist and photojournalist, Lucy O’Bryan, her film-maker son Duncan, budding photographer daughter Daisy [there are some pictures from Daisy in the gallery below] and Lucy’s four year-old son, Charlie. All were relatively un-phased by the weather but we skipped some of the backstreets between Akamoncho and – to renew their acquaintance with a part of town they’d stayed near on a previous trip – headed for ChinaTown early on in the day.

Despite having a couple of hours shooting in the cemetery on Wednesday, we arrived there Saturday to be told to leave. Not a good start to the walk. My advice for anyone wishing to explore this amazing location would be to get in gate and to get get up the hill as quickly as possible and out of earshot of the person that works/lives in the temple.

But from that not so great start we had an excellent walk through to ChinaTown, trapsing through some very interesting neighbourhoods along the way.

Here’s a gallery from the walk on Wednesday. There are a few from Akamoncho temple cemetery and most after that are from our Wednesday walk around a rainy ChinaTown. There’ll be shots coming in from people who came on the Saturday walk and we’ll add those in asap.


Map with various waypoints on here, which we covered on both walks.


Projects: There were two to choose from. After trying it out first on the Kamakura walk we did on May 1st, we had another go at the Hemingway ‘Six Word Story’ project, where you have to tell a story with your photo and six words. Two recent shots of mine for this project are below:

Peaceful Japanese temple; Recollections of Arras.

People also got busy with the the ‘Leading the Eye with Colour’ project. You can find details of that one here:

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