Recent composition workshop

On a compositional theme we explored from Tsukishima through to Monzen-nakacho

Sunday we all met in Tsukishima around 3pm and the theme for the walk was ‘composition’. We worked on a number of the basic guidelines for composition and shot pictures to fit them. Before we headed off, I introduced all the basic guidelines – rule of thirds, golden mean, diagonals, golden spiral etc – with a little presentation from my iPhone.

There’s a Google Map here of the route we took and a little farther on from Monzen-nakacho to Kiyosumi Shirakawa, which we didn’t have time to cover on Sunday.

Below you’ll find a link to the article I posted the other day, including a handy little tool to download and print out. It’s something I use to help me when I get stuck and that a bunch of students have found useful. A few people brought it along on Sunday and I also had some other frames – widescreen, panavision and square crops – that people had a go with using.

Download JPEG templates of those extra templates and one for 5×4 inch plate cameras here:

Follow the guidelines for printing and cutting that are in the article at the link below.

Later this week, I will be making and putting up some acetate overlay templates with all the main composition guidelines.

Full details on the composition aid at this link:

There is a PDF here [244Kb] with all the basic compositional guideline information I gave to students on Sunday.

Photographs from Sunday’s photowalk on composition: Tsukishima to Monzen-nakacho, Tokyo

You’ll find a slideshow of Jason Weddington‘s shots on Flickr, here.

Anna is sending hers in soon and we’ll post them here. She’s busy with her PhD, so she has a decent excuse for not sending them in yet.

Daigo has a slideshow which I can embed, and it’s below:


Steve Sunwoo has a Flickr page here and there are a load of his pics from the walk there now.

A selection of Simon Hunter’s shots are embedded in a Flickr slideshow below:


And Justin Choulochas‘ shots from our Sunday walk are below:


Here’s a few of mine too. As usual, all straight from the camera and shot with a variety of my Nikon Picture Controls.

You can see the gallery of shots I made on my practice walk, a few days before, here:

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