Creativity Rules

Our most recent workshop reminded us again that creativity – not gear – is the crux of good photography (top photo by Simon Hunter)

It’s nice to know what all the buttons and dials do on your camera.  Heck, it’s even nice to be able to take a nicely exposed frame when you have to.  Photography has a technical side to it that gets deeper the more we plumb it – new techniques are getting invented all the time by innovative photographers who need to add a little creative zing to make their shots more marketable.  It’s exciting, sure but you don’t need to be a technical genius or have thousands of dollars of gear in order to be creative and get interesting photos.

This was precisely the theme of the workshop on Sunday which saw me buy 10 random items from the 100yen shop:

-A plastic sunflower

-Aluminium Foil

-A lightbulb

-Tracing Paper

-A medium-sized paper bag

-Paper clips

-A blue plastic megaphone

-A box of tissues

-A picture frame

– Black tape

And here are the results…(more to come!!!!)

From Simon:

From Ed:

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