Photowalk: Wide and monochrome

Even Alfie managed to stay away from his 50mm for a whole day!

Shooting wide-angle lenses, especially the super-wide variety, can be a challenge. The world is a big place and through a super-wide lens, there is a lot of it to manage and shape into meaningful compositions. So for the walk we did back in the middle of December,  I decided to opt for the wide lenses as a theme, adding in monochrome as an additional item.

We walked from Meidaimae along the expressway and then back into some interesting neighbourhoods to the west of Shimokitazawa, ending up there at the end. Some great shrines, awesome shadows, lovely high vaulting expressways and just some quaint neighbourhood action; there’s nothing like a Tokyo backstreet to keep my attention as you never know what you will find around the next corner.

Images from my fellow walkers coming soon. Here, for now, are mine. I let the monochrome slip for just a few shots…. but just a couple. But it was a lot of fun shooting with the Tamron 14mm 2.8 all day.

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