Free wallpaper: Tokyo Rain Pt.1

It’s rainy season. So, in celebration of this welcome precipitation I have decided to rain down on you the first series of free wallpapers for your computers, iPad and iPhone.

Every so often – weekly, monthly or according to my whim and mood [which could mean new ones for three days in a row and then nothing for a month] – there will be another load of free wallpapers uploaded onto the site, building nicely into a set for you to keep.

I’m a generous and kind-hearted soul so please, therefore, allow me to attach just one or two minor strings to the deal:

  1. Please if you want to redistribute these wallpapers, by all means do so but do so for free. No charging. You may laugh, but it has happened in the past.
  2. If they are redistributed, please do not remove the watermarks, logos etc.
  3. Actually, no removing the logos or watermarks at all, please. To make these wallpapers suitable for as wide a range of screen resolutions as possible, some of them are very big. Technically, therefore, a bit of editing and you could have something nice to print out. Please try and resist doing this or publishing the shots in print. If you want to replicate them on the web in some way, for download or just to link to this site so people can grab them from here, please don’t edit them. Thanks.

I’m not dumb, so I realise I can’t have my cake and eat it: wanting exposure, liking my work to be seen, distributing something for nothing on the web and then expecting that not to be abused by someone. It will. Just don’t all do it, please. Thanks a lot.

OK, that’s the parental ‘don’t do that, don’t do this… ‘ crap out of the way. Here are the goods…..

The first one is a little different for PC screens as it is for iPad and iPhone, purely down to the fact that it was made originally as a diptych, so it doesnt really work in landscape format.

For PC and Mac [all files are JPEG and will open in a new window. Either open the file and save it, or right-click and choose to ‘save link as’]

FREE WALLPAPER: Umbrella in the rain, Tokyo, by Alfie Goodrich

Free wallpaper for your iPhone

Free wallpaper for your iPhone. Photo by Alfie Goodrich

Free wallpaper for your iPad

Free wallpaper for your iPad. Photo by Alfie Goodrich



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