Matsuri madness

There’s a lot less festivals in Japan this year as many of the bigger ones were cancelled in the wake of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Those that are happening are tending to be bigger, as some of the smaller ones caled-off have joined together.

So with the Shinagawa Jinga Matsuri, in Shimbamba just off the Old Tokkaido Road in my neighbourhood.

I’ll expand on this post later in the week to include all sorts of links and various other things – including shots by students who came along for yesterday’s workshop and photowalk at the festival [Dirk’s are now in a gallery below]. One of the things we’ll be doing with the shots is to make a magazine spread, like the one you can see here.

Here’s a screengrab of the layout template, as seen in Photoshop – with all the page-centre guides, picture placement blocks and dummy text. This is what people will be starting with and into which we’ll drag all the photos for final alignment and layout.

Here’s some of Dirk Haubrich’s shots from the matsuri. Noushin is in the middle of exams, so we’ll have to wait for her shots. Good luck with the exams, Noushin.


And here’s a gallery of some of my shots.

The key at these places is to try and get a different angle. My choice? Get the 14mm prime on the Nikon, put the camera and lens on top of a monopod – which I then held 6ft above my head and triggered with a cable release.

Good fun and a great day out.


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