On and off the rails: a day on the trains in Tokyo

Just subsequent to writing an article about trainspotting in Tokyo, I took a group of photographers on a workshop around the Yamanote Line and onto the shinkansen platforms of Tokyo Station. The idea was to each produce a set of pictures that in some way documented the ‘Tokyo railway’ experience.

It wasn’t important what facet of the railways people captured, partly because there are so many. As long as the pictures were unmistakably locomotive in theme, that was enough.

People will be sending in their shots this week and I’ll be getting them up soon, along with the magazine spreads we make.  My son, Joe, also shot a load of pics on the day and I will get his online asap.

We did a post-pro workshop after the shooting. Adeline’s magazine spread is below.

See ten of Adeline’s favourite shots in this gallery, below:


Ten of Preeta’s faves are in this gallery:


A slide-show of John Hoare’s shots on Flickr is embedded here, below:


My theme [rather corny, I know] was ‘Mono-Rail’, as all my shots were in monochrome. Black and white is a bit of a fad for me, of late. Finding it hard to stop shooting in mono.

Here’s my magazine spread. It was a quickly-made affair, so excuse some of the text and lining-up of pics to be pixel perfect.

A gallery of some of my shots from the day is below.

Thanks to all who came along. Great day out.


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