Simple photography projects: The Square Kilometer

Photography is a wonderful hobby which gives us all the opportunity to have some fun, share our view of the world with other people and – if we can – learn something about our world by seeing it in new ways.

As someone for whom photography is life, keeping sharp and keeping inspired is often the biggest challenge. Once a month my ‘mojo’ will disappear and I have developed various ways of getting it back. One is to put all my prime-lenses in a circle on the floor, spin a bottle and shoot for a day or a week with the lens that was picked.

Another is to take my local neighbourhood – something I have walked through thousands of times – and that prime lens, put them together and shoot only in the ‘one square kilometer’ around our house.

If I can still create interesting pictures from somewhere which is so familiar to me, that is usually excercise enough to keep my eyes sharp. Plus, even though I have walked the neighbourhood a thousand times, this approach can often lead to me seeing new stuff. Or, the same stuff with new eyes.

Give this ‘One Square Kilometer Around My House’ project a go this week, with the following paremeters:

1. Your area is the 1sq km around your house. Or, a max of ten city blocks in a square around your house.

2. Use just a prime lens. Or if you don’t have one, set a zoom in one place and stay there for all your shots.

3. No more than 24 shots and no deleting: one ‘roll of film’, basically.

Here are a few I took yesterday: Nikon D300 | Nikkor 75-150mm set at 150mm [225mm equivalent on DX crop]: click each for a larger one…..


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