William Klein & the contact sheet

Gotta say, I like Winogrand but Klein is the man for me when it comes to American street photography of the 1950s and 60s. Not just his work but the man has an amazing character and is fascinating to listen speak about his work.

Here’s a superb little short film with him talking about his work, starting with a little description of what the contact -sheet means for him. It’s why I miss film. In many ways it’s the only reason I miss film: seeing my shots, my thought-processes, laid out on one sheet of paper. Thirty-six frames; my hits, my misses… all laid bare.

“The sheet of contacts: 36-exposures, six strips of six photographs, taken one after the other. You read them from left to right like a text: it’s like the diary of a photographer.”

Part two is here, including shots of Klein’s from Tokyo.

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