Photowalk, July 2nd: Texture

I recently met with a gallery and agency owner who is interested in putting on shows by Japanorama’s students. So, this walk will be one targeted at getting you started on a search for material for a forthcoming show.

Textures are everywhere and the gallery below should get you thinking about some which are around you here in Tokyo. There are one or two from back in the UK in that gallery too, just to give you some other ideas.  But this walk is strictly about textures specific to Japan or Tokyo.

You might be wondering if there is such a thing as a ‘Tokyo texture’ but I assure you there are photos of textures which you could take, which will without doubt say ‘Japan’ or ‘Tokyo’.

Shooting with the idea of transmitting a specific theme or feeling with your camera is something everyone should practice often, even if it is an excercise designed purely to keep your eye sharp.

What we’ll be aiming to do on this walk is to soak up the city on a basis of feel, figuring out how best to light the surfaces or objects we come across to transmit their texture and feel to the viewers of your photos. Natural light will be a help and a hindrance: summer light can be great for highlighting texture but it can also be too strong sometimes. We’ll be starting this walk at 2pm and continuing through a period of the day when the light gets lower, ideal light for bringing out textures.

I will also be bringing an off-camera flash and a ring-flash, to help with lighting anything we find which isn’t being perfectly lit by the available light.


Brief: To produce 10 pictures which transmit the idea and feeling of specific textures. Each texture must somehow be irrefutably Japanese in nature. You’ll be needing to think very carefully about light and viewpoint when you shoot your photos. Black and white or vibrant colour settings on your camera might be worth exploring.

Gear: a macro lens would be useful if you have one but a 50mm or short telephoto is just as useful. A flash would come in handy but it’s not a ‘must have’ item.

Walk route: there is a map-link here. We’ll be sensible about the completion of the route, in case the weather is not being kind. I have an alternative, shorter route for the last part of the walk. There will be plenty of textures to find on this walk. Our starting point in Yotsuya is rich with them and I have done this walk myself – without much of a brief – and ended up looking at textures most of the way.

Workshop fee: 5000Yen

Meeting place: Exit 4 of Yotsuya Sanchome station.

Meeting time: 2pm

Approx finish time: 7pm in Roppongi.

Drop me a line to to book a place or use the contact page here to get in touch. Thanks.

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