Google Plus Tokyo Photowalk, No.1

G+ Tokyo Photowalk: Tokyo Sky Tree framed by wires and lamps on Kappabashi street

I joined Google’s social networking site, Google Plus [G+], on the 8th July 2011. It’s been ten weeks of making some great new friends, having some great chats, hanging out live on webcam with some old and new buddies and generally [re]discovering what I wanted out of social networking and sort of got but never got with Facebook. I still have the Facebook account. I sort of equate G+ as being my office, classroom or well-organized-and-productive-trip-with-friends. Facebook is like a good gossip over the garden fence. Although I am working on a better analogy. But basically I like FB for keeping in touch with the little details, having a rant and chatting about what I have been up to recently. G+ is really more focused on my sharing my photography and experience with the camera, helping people get more out of their photography and projecting myself professionally. Since July I have built up almost 7000 followers.

You can find me on Google Plus, here.

I have made some wonderful friends online, re-connected with old ones and jammed productively with friends who I first met via Facebook. A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time a bunch of us G+ photography-minded people in Tokyo got together and had a photowalk. Yesterday we did and we had a blast.

Here’s the original post about the walk, with a run-down of what we planned to do and where we planned to go.

There’s also a bunch of comments there about the idea of shooting just 36shots and using one prime lens.

I’ll be posting up links to people’s G+ albums and also featuring some of their work here, plus generally expanding this post to include some other useful bits and pieces.

Here is a link to a map of the route we took.

Here is a gallery of my shots from the day. I cheated slightly, but I’m the teacher and part of my being there is to show people some stuff that will – hopefully – inspire them on the walk.

I used two camera bodies and one prime for each. One of my students, Edwin, turned up and gave me back a prime I had borrowed. That got used as well. Technically I hadn’t taken it with me, so I did only take one prime per body…. god, when I cheat I cheat good and am so good at convincing myself it was fine :-)

Here’s the gear I had:

  • D300
  • D700
  • 300mm f/4
  • 50mm f/1.2 Ai
  • And the lens Edwin returned: the 20mm f/3.5

I shot 67 pics between the two bodies. The file names are not sequential because along the way I was demonstrating a few techniques to people and the camera accidentally fired off 12 frames in one go and one or two more each at various times along the way were used to illustrate some topic.

OK, excuses, excuses… anyway. Here’s my two ‘rolls of film’.. or at least the 67 frames out of 72 I had to play with.


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