Lexar Professional Photography Competition

A photographic representation of memories?

We have a new collaboration and partnership with Lexar Japan and are very pleased to announce a photography competition on the theme of ‘Memory’, with around $2000 worth of prizes.

Memory: how would you sum-up this word in a picture or series of pictures? Well, get your thinking-caps on and start shooting because that’s the task at hand for any of you folk wishing to enter some of your photographs into this, the first, Japanorama photography competition.

What’s the story on this partnership? Very simple: Lexar make some great products for digital photography, some of which I have been using since I went fully digital back in 2007. My first CF card was a Lexar. But I shouldn’t use the word ‘was’, because I still have it and I still use it every day. That’s quality and reliability right there: four years, countless writing, reading, formatting, re-writing etc etc and it is still [touch wood] as reliable as the day I bought it. I’m not interested in partnering with people who don’t make good stuff which is why I am very excited to be teaming up with Lexar, to try out their whole range of digital photography workflow products, from memory-cards all the way through to SSD flash hard-drives. Try them out, tell you about them and also to be able to offer you a direct-from-Lexar purchasing route for any of their products you are interested in buying.

There will also be, over time, some involvement from Lexar in the workshops Japanorama organizes, particularly in the digital workflow classes where Lexar will be able to use their expertise to give students a full picture of their part in technical side of digital workflow. We’re also discussing the future sponsorship of larger events.

Now, for the competition….

Maybe you’ll decide to go for a literal depiction of ‘memory’ with an arty photo of your memory cards sat next to your camera. Or, perhaps, you fancy trying something a little more conceptual; attempting to put into a picture the shape of a thought, something remembered, something fleeting, like the one below.. which I shot on the train one evening.

Bokeh memories on the Sotetsu Line

The picture above falls into this category and is, in fact, six pictures shot in-camera using the multiple-exposure setting on my Nikon D700: a representation of various items seen by me during the last two minutes of the walk from my local station to my home. My memories of that walk.

Here’s how the competition is going to work:

  • Each photographer is limited to two submissions.
  • A ‘submission’ could either be a single photograph on the theme ‘Memory’ or a series of photographs where that series is no more than five individual photos. There are no separate categories or prizes for a series or single photos. It’s just that some of you may feel more comfortable or intrigued by having the option of summing-up this theme of ‘memory’ with more than one photo.
  • Photographs/series are to be submitted digitally, by email, to alfiejapanorama@gmail.com
  • Submissions must be clearly marked with/accompanied by your name, your email address, telephone number and a small description of what you shot and why: no more than 100 words please.
  • Please make the subject of your email: ‘An Entry for Lexar Photo Competition’.
  • No individual photo should be more than 1280pixels on the long side. Please try to keep individual photos below 2mb in file-size.
  • Series can either be submitted as individual photos, attached separately to an email. Or, they can be placed on a single canvas in Photoshop and submitted as one file.
  • A series can be no more than FIVE photos.
  • The judging panel will consist of myself [Alfie] and a senior staff member at Lexar Japan; my contact there, who is the director of marketing.
  • Entry is open to anyone, anywhere but if you live outside of Japan and win, please be advised that your prize will be sent by JapanPost AirMail and not courier or express parcel service. This is to minimize costs to me.

In lieu of having 100 pages of small-print rules, let me just make clear the following items:

  • there are no cash alternatives to the prizes
  • the judge’s decision is final but in the event the judges can’t choose between two entrants’ work for each prize, a compromise will be reached. The kind of compromise that benefits the winners and not us.
  • no entries received after the closing time/date will be entered into the competition judging process
  • all products offered as prizes are covered by the usual guarantees, same as you’d have received when purchasing the product
  • as there aren’t many rules, please don’t try to bend or break the ones we have

Thank you.

Whatever you decide to shoot, here’s what you can expect to win [each memory card is offered as either CF or SD, depending on what you require]

1st Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:

Good luck, have fun and if you want to ask me anything about the competition, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

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