Three Shots on The Guardian Website Today

The Guardian newspaper in London has started a new Tokyo City Guide and as part of that there is a section on Tokyo photobloggers. It was nice to be asked to contribute and to recommend some other photographers for inclusion.

This shot is one of three of mine featured. I submitted a selection to the editor. He chose the ones he liked.

I shot this back in 2009, at the Kagurazaka 'awa-odori' dance festival in Tokyo. Nikon D300 and 50mm f/1.2 Ai.

You can find The Guardian feature here:

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  1. Elaine Mikkelstrup

    amazing image, congrats!

  2. Hendra Setyawan


  3. Benedict Chui

    very nice capture!! The editor got a good taste!! 😀


    nice shot ,

  5. Rznag Rmrod

    congrats +Alfie Goodrich

  6. Allen Steen

    Great shot. Tack sharp, lovely colour, depth of field, subject matter, etc. A well deserved congratulations.

  7. Samuel Antwi

    Nice pic

  8. Lee Basford

    the light is beautiful in this image

  9. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks all. :-)

  10. Rima ibrahim


  11. Dave Powell

    Well done +Alfie Goodrich! I got one up there as well.

  12. Takashi Honda

    Is a nice shot.
    That's the original festival in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

  13. khiem le


  14. Yan myo aung

    I think, these women didn't have the hats. ;)))

  15. Alfie Goodrich

    Never been to the one in Kochi, +Takashi Honda. Look forward to that pleasure at some point. This is just the Tokyo one…

  16. Kelli Seeger Kim

    So gorgeous, +Alfie Goodrich ! (but I love all your photos!) And very cool being featured! Woo!

  17. Terence Jones

    nice work!

  18. Todd Thacker

    Beautiful selection… alas the editors goofed in another photographer's caption: "Adrian Storey/Uchujin: "The city that invented the term 'karoshi' (death from over work) and a culture of alcohol abuse takes it's toll on another salaryman" #"

  19. Alfie Goodrich

    +Todd Thacker true although this is The Guardian who famously mis-spelled its own name on the paper: The Grauniad.

  20. Wira Fachriandy

    nice.. i like it

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