Beauty in the Mundane: photowalk from Jinbocho to Kayabacho

Beauty in the Mundane: Kayabacho street by Charles Lacz

We’re all living in a world of our own at least part of the week. No shame in that. For some in the city it is a safety mechanism; a way of gently escaping the frenetic goings-on around them. 

I often find that I can combine the best of both my own and the wider world by just choosing to see what’s around me with a different pair of eyes. My ‘own little world’ is, perhaps, the parts of the world we all co-exist in that other people have come to ignore, chosen to ignore or couldn’t see in the first place. This isn’t about me feeling superior because I can see something you can’t, ha-ha. It’s more about wanting to switch people on to the beauty that is all around them.

Take this photo above, shot by Charles Lacz on the photowalk I organized the other week: to some a collection of ugly air-con units stuck on the outside of a building. I see 11 circles, some rectangles and the interplay of yellow, orange and blue. It’s a symphony of colour and geometry being played out quietly against a non-descript wall in one side-street, in a city with a million side-streets.

We started in Jinbocho by exploring a wonderful art book shop called Komiyama. You can read a bit more about a visit myself and a buddy paid there earlier the same week, here.

Genkido, another great photography and arts bookshop in the same locale, is closed on Sundays. So, unfortunately, we didn’t get chance to spend any time there.

From Jinbocho we walked sort of roundabout route – via Kanda and Higashi-nihombashi – to Kayabacho.

Kayabacho is a wonderful neighbourhood, full of restaurants and character backstreets. Thoroughly recommended. I can imagine spending some great evenings there when the spring warms through Tokyo and starts pulling people back out onto the streets to socialise.

Galleries follow below from each person who came along. I’m still working through my shots, but here’s one I like and have managed to get resized for the web:

Bi-de-o: Jinbocho

Gallery of Shots by P J Wyche:


Photos from the walk by Sebastian Evans, who shot film that day using his Nikon F3


Charles Lacz‘s shots from the walk:


Shots by Miwako Tamura

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