The post no one will heed (including me)

First post from a new contributor to Japanorama; Tim Buerger.

“I may possibly have been the world’s worst Cub Scout, but that mantra of “be prepared” sunk in a little bit I guess. Let me walk you through how I got this shot. First off, being left-handed is key.  Because, at this moment, my left hand was stuffing my face with some well-deserved conbini-bento. That means my right hand was free to flick my camera on and snap the shutter. That’s all there was too it. But that’s all there was to it because I had my camera set for the light of the area already, and had it focused two meters ahead of myself, prime hunting distance. So I drop the camera around my neck, and go to grab a bite, and this determined, Vonnegut-inspired man rolled across my bow. Had I not been completely prepared for that shot, he would have been off at top speed, never to be seen again.

We all have that list of mental images; moments we couldn’t grab because the lens cap was on, or the camera was in our bag, or we were changing the dead batteries from the film camera with the slightly less dead batteries from the strobe (just a hypothetical, of course.) It happens. But if you’re as ready as possible for your surroundings, you might get something that you would have missed otherwise.

Being ever-vigilant is an impossible task, even if it sounds awesome. I was extra vigilant this day because, just near where I took this photo, and a few weeks before, there was a beautiful silver scotty, off his leash, and wearing rave goggles. You’re gonna have to just trust me on that one.

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