A Few Hours of Snow in Tokyo

Girl in the snow: Nihombashi, Tokyo

Snow doesn’t come to all of Tokyo very often but I always try, if I can, to make the time to get out in it as it conjures some unique photo opportunities.

This year there have been a couple of days with snow and I haven’t been able to get out on all of them but last week I had some spare time and managed to spend a few hours wandering around.

It was wet snow. Very big flakes and very damp, not the dry powdery stuff. So I got wet and cold, despite having some good clothing on.

The camera I had in an Optech Rainsleeve and apart from condensation when I eventually made it inside, there were no moisture issues for the camera.

I shot the 300mm f/4 for some of the day and the trusty 50mm f/1.2 for the rest of the time.

All the monochrome is done in-camera.

Didn’t get anything amazing this time but had a nice walk despite the cold and wet.

The ones in the slideshow below were all shot with the Nikon. I have some more to put up from the Epson rangefinder.

Shots from my walk in the snow: Nihombashi, Kanda, Akihabara….

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