Seminar: Beginning Product Photography

Start small. One of the best ways to practice lighting is to start with product photography. In addition to being a commercially viable skill, the models don’t complain when you take forever to set up the lights.

When I first dove into small-strobe photography, I only had one strobe on a cable. Slowly that grew to a platoon of strobes, and various ways to trigger them. But the gear still doesn’t do me any good, unless I put the time in and feel out the lights and modifiers before I have a client demanding something.

Have no experience with flash photography? Want to take your first steps into artificial lighting and studio work? Wondering why the price difference between the über-expensive strobes, like the SB-900, and the ¥1,000 cheap used ones at the local camera shop? This seminar is meant for you. We’ll go over the cheap ways to get your strobe off your camera, and what to do with it once you get it there. There are umbrellas, snoots, beauty dishes, softboxes… well… all sorts of modifiers to play with and discover why you like, or don’t like, them. If you have a particular small object you want to photograph, bring it! If you have strobes already, bring them!

The seminar will start at 2pm on Sunday, March 11, in my studio near Wakamatsu-Kawada station on the Oedo line. We can meet at the ticket gate at 2pm, and we’ll walk over to the studio, and shoot until 6. Register fast, because, due to studio space, slots are limited.

Drop me a line at timdesuyo[atmark] to book your place.

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