Beginning Product Photography Redux (Wow! Thanks, everyone!)

Wow. I am flattered, everyone. In fact, I’m skipping lunch as we speak to deal with all of the emails of interest in the Beginning Product Photography seminar. Thank you so much for the huge response on my inaugural lesson with Japanorama. If you emailed me today, and you haven’t heard from me yet, I’m working on it. Since the initial class filled up faster than I could check my email, I want to give everyone the chance to do this.It really makes me excited that there is this much interest because there’s a lot of fear and trepidation about artificial lighting.

At first glance, it’s expensive and complicated. Well… if it wasn’t complicated, it wouldn’t be worth doing. But there’s a cheap way to get started, and I’m hoping that after this class, you all run out to buy the cheapest strobes you can get your hands on.

So, with the both the Sunday the 11th class and my inbox full, I’m going to rope off my weekend, and try to get everyone who’s interested into this class. Here’s the announcement bit: I will hold two more sections of this seminar on the 17th and 18th of March. Saturday and Sunday. Both sections will meet at the ticket gate of Wakamatsu-Kawada station at 2pm, and go until 7pm. These sections are an hour longer than the first section because I’m going to squeeze one more person into the studio. The fee will be 10,000 yen per person.

I’m going to dive back into my inbox now, and make sure that everyone knows all the details, but if you want to take either of those two classes, send an email to tim {at} and tell me that you want to book a spot in the class. First come, first served, and I really hope that I can fit you all in. Thanks again for the awesome response.

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