The Packing-Up of the Classics

Ferrari 250Lusso at Ferrari Racing Days, Japan

As the classic Ferrari were packed away at the recent Ferrari Racing Days, I spent some final quality time with them before the lights went off and the shutters came down.

Last weekend was, in a word, awesome. My three days at the Ferrari Racing Days in Suzuka would have been any man or young boy’s dream: drive from Tokyo to Mie Prefecture in a Ferrari and then spend the weekend shooting an event filled with the most wonderful automotive specimens. I even got to round-off the experience with two laps around the Japanese F1 circuit; driven in a Ferrari California by one of Ferrari Japan‘s pro drivers. Quality.

But the classics were really the highlight of the weekend for me. I grew up drooling over pictures of classic cars. To see some of the finest up-close and get to shoot my own pictures of them was a truly wonderful thing.

I’ll be posting my photo essay of the judging of the Concorso d’Eleganza [classic car competition] soon, once I get all the pictures boiled-down and a final selection made.

For now, here’s a set I shot with my iPhone 4S and the Instagram application as the cars were being packed away into cages to await shipping back to their owners.

Most impressed with the iPhone 4S and the ‘Earlybird’ filter in it gives these shots a wonderful and fitting retro feel.

The Packing Away of the Classics: Ferrari Racing Days, Suzuka, Japan. March 18th 2012

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