Pinholes & Motion: A Recent Workshop in Yokohama

Yokohama fairground rides in motion by Ben Chivers

It’s taken me a horrendously long time to get this post and people’s pictures up online. It’s been a very busy couple of months.

I’ll skip speaking so much and just let you enjoy the images… but this was the concept of this workshop:

  • Explore Yokohama’s CPlus Imaging Show
  • Make our own little pinhole camera’s from the body-cap
  • See what the Loreo ‘Lens in a Cap’ can do in comparison
  • Explore, generally, the techniques of freezing or blurring motion: long exposures, use of ND and other filters, the kids of exposure times that work for different subjects.

It was an excellent turnout. Everyone found at least a few goodies at the show that they liked the look of, felt teased by, felt tempted by etc.

People got some great shots during the day. The one heading up this article is by Ben Chivers. He spends a lot of time around the Minato Mirai area because his office is there but I think he got some new insights into capturing an area he is very familiar with.

Here’s the gallery of people’s shots. Each photographer’s name should be in the filename somewhere, so you’ll get a hint as to which shot was made by which snapper. There are a couple of photographers whose filenames don’t contain their name…. Miwako, Felipe, Nimar. Everybody got great shots that day but I’ll try and clarify some of the files that aren’t named and get some names on them for you.

Big thanks to you all for coming out: Ben Chivers, Charles Lacz, Felipe Ferreira, Meg Yamagute, Claudia Shina and her husband, Hidetaka Onoyama, Miwako Tamura, Adeline, Morgan Williams, Nimar Blume, Ron Inman, Ivan Jacobsen Heiska.

Thanks a lot to Peter Blake for coming along and sharing the teaching with me.

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