Sunday : Sakura Walk

Alfie has his hands full, so I thought I’d step up to the plate and run a walk to take some photos of one of the biggest perks of living in Japan. With all the hype, and the internet sakura forcasts, it’s a bit hard to miss, but some years, things just don’t work out, and by the time you’ve got the time, the blossoms are gone. Hopefully that won’t be any of our problem!

We’re planning on meeting up at Itabashi Kuyakusho-mae station, at exit A1 at 12:00pm. We’ll head up to the river, and have a leisurely stroll along the river, under the beautiful sakura. I would probably brush up on your composition rules before coming out, because sakura are an excellent chance to practice those. I would also plan on bringing any macro lenses or extension tubes that you have. One piece of kit that you might easily leave off, but I would consider key is a strobe and a cable. With a beautiful blue sky comes hard shadows, and sometimes a strobe can take the edge off. Yeah. Some of you are giggling… Tim? Thinks we should bring a strobe?! *feigned shock*

We’ll walk down to Oji station, and enjoy ourselves the whole way, probably wrapping up around 5-6pm. Here’s the map of the route. There’s a max of about 10-12 people, and it will be 3,000 yen per person. Email me at tim (at) if you’re interested.

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