Photowalk: Backstreet Jewels in Akabane

I live on the Keihin Tohoku Line so I have, over the years, explored most of it but had not ever lingered too long in Akabane. I put this right last weekend when I went for a walk and an explore with my family. Twas a lovely day so we strolled the backstreets from the station all the way to the river and back.

Great streets. Wonderful character. All slightly ‘down at heel’: a little rundown but charming nonetheless. Upside down old men and spaceships…. check the gallery :-)

The perfect place for a photowalk this Sunday.

The playground in the picture above is one of the spots we’ll definitely be visiting and probably somewhere I shall be using for a model workshop soon as well.

Sunday’s themes, technical points and details:

This is a perfect neighbourhood to explore on any number of fronts but we’re going to narrow ourselves down a little so that we can concentrate on some specific ideas.

Colour, Form and Texture: how the light at different times of day effects them. What you can do to try and more faithfully record the colours you see. How to bring out textures in your shots. Accentuating form in compositions by framing them a certain way. What to include or exclude in your compositions. The dynamics of the frame and how colour and texture alone can provide energy in your compositions.

  • What’s the end result? six shots which don’t necessarily need to have any connection between them apart from the fact that they are each studies of colour, form or texture.
  • Some material I can look at before I come, to inspire me? Go check out Ernst Haas, MoegleEdward Weston and Carl Struwe, Jan Groover,  for a little brainfood ahead of the walk.
  • Where are we meeting? Akabane JR Station. North Exit at the ticket gates. Akabane’s a big station and there are quite a few exits. North ticket gates are wide, big and I will be directly in front of them, outside the gates.
  • When are we meeting? 9am
  • When will we finish and where? Probably around 6pm, back in Akabane’s wonderfully characterful lanes of izakaya, restaurants, bars and food stalls. A little evening shooting, a beer and something to eat…
  • What’s the route we’ll be taking? Akabane Station, towards the river and back again a different route. It’s not a massive area but we don’t need a long walk or a huge area to get the material we need. It’s all about slowing down, concentrating and focusing in on the details for a length of time that allows you to see the various ways you can render them with your camera.
  • What gear shall I bring? Well, as you see from the gallery below, I shot a load of nice shots with just an iPhone 4S last time I went there so anything is fine. If you have a DSLR then maybe a 50mm, a 35mm or a macro lens would be good.
  • How many places are there on this walk? I’ll be taking a maximum of eight people with me.
  • What’s the price? 5000Y per person

Drop me a line to book a place: alfiejapanorama[atmark]

Here’s my iPhone ‘Instagrams’ from last week….

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