Trampled Underfoot

This photo threw itself into my path. Ok. Maybe it threw itself into Toru’s path, but I’ll get to that. Walking along the river during our recent photowalk, I saw this blossom, almost underfoot. My first thought was that I had just loaned out my 105mm micro lens to Robyn! So, I shouted out to Robyn, and she happily indulged me, shooting some photos of this particular blossom. I decided that I’d also have a go at it with my 50. Toru came over to see what we were stooped over, and immediately came to the conclusion that it was his shoe print stamped on our particular model. He was the culprit!

The realization that Toru and Robyn came to independently was that the flower itself was wonderful, but the lines in the brick walkway could be used to create drama in the photo. We had, at the beginning of the day, talked about flowers and still life being an excellent training ground for composition practice. I was excited to hear them putting these ideas into their photos.

I have a love affair with Kodak BW400CN. So much so that this color profile was an attempt for me to mimic the slight blue-green color that the scanned film has. I’ve discovered that to get to the color that looks like the film, that I’d have to shoot like this, and then 95% desaturate it in post. But, in a lot of darker photos, this preset comes out looking wonderful. The jury is still out on it, but I may continue to use it.

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