Shooting In a Team: Communication Is Key

I love collaboration, with the right people obviously. After being in the creative game for a while and with being 43 years-old, life is too short to be doing anything else than finding the right people to work with.

One of the main things is to get everyone 'on message'. Mood boards are a big part of that: share my vision, get as much of the atmosphere or the vibe of the shots across – to the model, to the person doing the hair and make-up.. to everyone involved.

Here are two mood boards I have put together for a shoot next Thursday. I have a student in town for four days of shooting, website building, general professional advice and so on. A masterclass – hopefully – on how to capture, edit, process, present and sell. These mood boards are for one of the days we are working together.

Looking forward to it immensely. 

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