Model photography workshop in Tokyo: 22nd July

Yumi Nishida in Yasio. Photo by Alfie Goodrich


It’s been a very busy month or two and I haven’t had time to do any group workshops. But some of the recent one-to-one teaching and workshops I’ve been doing have helped me get the plan, the location, the team and the syllabus sorted out for this forthcoming workshop.

Sadly we won’t have Yumi, who features in the shots in this post. She’s just moved to Osaska to get married. She will be back in Tokyo from time to time but, sadly, not this time.

We will, however, have three great models who each have a very different look.

Here’s the outline of the workshop. More details will be going out to folks on the mailing list which, if you haven’t signed up for it, can be done from the sign-up box at the top-right of the home-page.

Location Shooting With Models: Backstreets and Boneyards

The Locations: Kita-senju and Yashio

We’ll be starting early in the morning in the characterful backstreets of Kita-senju. After lunch we’ll move just 8mins by train to Yashio, Saitama, where we’ll be shooting in a variety of locations – some of which are in the photos below: the old cars, under the expressway, on some of the streets you see.

The Crew?

There will be three models and six photographers/students. Photographers will work in pairs; one assisting, one shooting. I also plan to have someone with us who can work as hair and make-up [HMU]. Each pair of shooters and model won’t have the HMU person all the time, as they will be working across all three models.

There are only six places on this workshop because that’s a sensible amount of people to keep the experience valuable for each. Too many and no one gets enough time shooting the models.

The Gear We’ll Bring, What You’ll Need…

We will have at least six speedlite flashes, some stands, umbrellas, reflectors, six or eight radio triggers… basic amount of gear available for you to use. If you have flashes, stands and umbrellas etc – then please bring those along. Our gear is Nikon. The triggers too. The workshop is not all about flash but you’ll want to use some – I guarantee it. So if you shoot another make of camera other than Nikon, let me know and we’ll see what we can do to get the necessary gear together. Lenses etc: well, something with you that covers at least the 24-70mm range would be good. But primes within that range are perfect too, obviously. An 80-200mm or similar primes in that range will be handy as well. All the shots I made here were with 50mm, 14mm, 80-200mm.

The Rough Schedule [more details on the mailing list within the next couple of days]

Start in Kita-senju at 9am, 22nd July. Meet, brief, hair and make-up, start shooting. There will be rotation amongst the models/photographers so across the day you each get to shoot with each model. We’ll break around 1pm for some lunch and then head along the tracks to Yashio. Shoot in a couple of locations in Yashio. Finish around 6pm or when it starts getting dark. Retreat to my friend’s house for some refreshments, both liquid and solid, go through some of your shots and I will select some to do a post-pro demo with. My friend has a nice big Mac screen for us to do this on. We’ll be using Photoshop and Nik plugins for the demo.

The Cost?

I want to keep this sensible for each participant but bearing in mind there are just six students and that I want to pay the models and HMU person a sensible amount for their time and their travel, the cost for each photographer will be 12,000Yen.

If you get good shots and are happy with the idea, then it would be nice for you to share them with the models and HMU person. I am not selling this workshop to the models on a guaranteed ‘Trade for Prints’ basis. They are being told that ‘usually most of the students are happy to let the models have some shots’. But that is, obviously, up to you guys.

An extra 1000Y from everyone will cover the food and drink for us all after the workshop. We’ll be doing the refreshments at my friend’s house, which helps us keep the cost down and – to be honest – Yashio isn’t famed for it’s wide range of culinary establishments so it’s practical to have a sort of ‘home party’ style to the evening.

Drop me a line to book a place or enquire about keeping up with the details that are being sent out shortly. If you are on the mailing list already, fear not.. you will be getting a mail shortly with more details.

Here are some shots I recently got with Yumi in Yashio, which will give you a feel of at least some of the locations.

Underneath these edited shots is a gallery of un-edited cuts from this shoot, showing a few more locations in Yashio.

Yumi Nishida in Yashio by Alfie Goodrich

Yumi Nishida in Yashio by Alfie Goodrich

Yumi Nishida in Yashio by Alfie Goodrich

Yumi Nishida in Yashio by Alfie Goodrich

Yumi Nishida in Yashio by Alfie Goodrich

Gallery of un-edited shots from this session in Yashio

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