Mood Board vs Final Results?

Shooting models in Tokyo | Yumi Nishida by Alfie Goodrich

Last week I spent three days shooting with William Ishiwata, who was up in Tokyo from Kyushu for some model shooting. How did the results compare with the mood boards we made prior to the shoots?

Getting a good team of people together for a shoot is very satisfying. Communicating to them all what sort of shots you are aiming for is the next step and my post the other week about the role of using ‘mood boards’ to get some of that point across is here on Google Plus.

So, how did the final shots compare with what we laid out on the mood boards?

Not all the work has been edited up from the shoots yet: William and I have both had a busy week since shooting. But, here are a few of the shots that came from last week’s sessions… with the mood boards that inspired them.

Shinyong’s mood board

Ideas board for Shinyong's shoot

Shots 1 and 3 are in the spread below. We did shot 2 but they didn’t make the cut for the magazine mock-up I made: the mood was very different. Shots 1 and 3 served as great inspiration and we came up with our own twist on both. After starting shot 3 with Shinyong in sunglasses, the mood changed but the general attitude of the inspiration image stayed: confident, perhaps a little naughty, strong. We were all very happy with the results.

Shinyong by William Ishiwata | Layout and artistic direction, Alfie Goodrich

The hotel room ‘studio’ we created worked great for this shoot and became an integral part of the shots as we worked our way through actually doing them. The mood change worked – from the monochrome to colour – and including some of  ‘the set’, lights and background helped us get a nice collection of pics.

Yumi’s mood board

Ideas board for Yumi's shoot

We’d exchanged clothes ideas by email and Yumi came with a selection of white and black clothes that would suit the shot. Basically the idea was to create a sort of ‘Tank Girl meets Pris from Blade Runner, meets Leeloo from the Fifth Element’. The makeup was a huge part of the shot and Furuta nailed it along with some direction from me. We started with the black line across Yumi’s eyes very neat and defined [those shots are yet to be posted] then smudged all the makeup to make her look a lot more like she’d just gone three rounds with a bunch of evil space aliens. Looking forward to getting more of William’s shots and mine online.

Here’s one of mine from after we’d roughed-up Yumi’s makeup.

Shooting models in Tokyo | Yumi Nishida by Alfie Goodrich

All in all a great two days of shooting. The third day was spent with myself and William going through some of the stuff essential to his transition from enthusiast photographer to pro: a website, marketing strategy, some post-processing techniques, editing, workflow, visual-literacy and self-critiqueing. Very useful and enlightening few days for him, I think. We both had a good time of it. I learned things too, which is one of the reasons I love teaching….

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