My two and half year-old shooting Nikon D700 & 50mm

My two and half year-old son shooting my Nikon D700 and 50mm f/1.2 lens

They say creativity often runs in the family. ‘They’ might be right if these few shots my two and half year-old son, Charlie, took the other week are anything to go by.

Myself, my wife, my nephew and Charlie had just been to visit the newly refurbished Tokyo Station building. Afterwards we went to have a drink and some yakitori in nearby Yurakucho.

Charlie was a little restless. The iPhone pacified him for a while. Then I gave him my D700 to play with. It has the battery-pack on it. Together with the manual-focus 50mm f/1.2Ai lens, that’s a fairly hefty package for a toddler. I once caught him in my office – about a year ago – crying cos he’d managed to get the camera strap around his neck but he couldn’t lift his head up, the camera was so heavy. He’s moved on from that issue….

Anyone who knows the 50mm f/1.2 will know that it’s a bitch to focus at the best of times. Even more so in low light.

Cue Charlie….

OK, so he didn’t get them totally in focus but he was working the focus barrel of the lens and managing to frame everything up pretty well too…

..a few pics of me and Uncle Tim, some of the beer crates making up the table.

Way to go, Charlie. That’s my boy! :-)

Here’s Charlie’s first little photo gallery….

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