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Hello students, fans of Alfie’s work and visitors to the site!

My name is Tim and I’m Alfie’s nephew from Wales (it’s the small country next to England that is often overlooked!). I recently arrived in Japan for the first time to stay with Alfie and the family to help them out and to experience this wonderful country that i have wanted to visit for some time. So far I have had a fantastic experience, met some really nice people and my family have been so lovely and accommodating!

One of the best things about living with my uncle is that i have been able to learn about photography from him and in a short space of time he has taught me so much. Before coming to Japan i knew almost nothing about photography or using a camera apart from to point and shoot at things that i thought looked beautiful, weird or interesting. Now after about 6 weeks of being here i am starting to get to grips with things such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, manual focus and how to turn an average shot into a great one. I never thought i would be as happy as I have been with the results that have come from Alfie’s guidance and help.

Here are a few pictures of mine that I have taken recently around Tokyo for you to have a look at and a link to my newly created Flickr page.

Flowers and Bokeh
Shot with a Nikon D300 with an F2 manual lense.

Tokyo Train Station
Shot with a Panasonic HX-DC1.

Shot with a Nikon D300 with an F2 manual lense.

Random shot that came out cool
Shot with a Panasonic HX-DC1.

Model in Ginza
Shot with a Sony Cybershot DSC-F828.

My advice to anyone looking to improve their photography skills whether you’re an experienced photographer, a beginner, or you have just recently bought a camera and want to learn the basics i would definitely recommend signing up for lessons with Alfie. I am sure you will learn so much from him and really improve your technique and develop an eye for great shots!




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