A Day Out On The Coast


 This Sunday just passed, Alfie, the family and I ventured down to the coastal area of Nishi-Izu for the day. It was a fairly long journey, we set out at around 9am from Omori and we didn’t get back until around midnight but it was totally worth it. The weather was on our side, the air down there is wonderfully fresh, the scenery is breathtaking and there is a plethora of photo opportunities to be had. All along the way and while we were there I took as many photos as I could. By the end of the day I had completely filled the 4Gb CF card inside Alfie’s Nikon D300 that I was using. For me this was more than just a fun day out taking pictures though, it was an opportunity for me to really test the photography skills I have acquired over the last two months with Alfie’s guidance.

 Shooting in manual mode (the only way I ever really shoot now) with a manual lens is always a bit of a challenge but one that I relish. Choosing the correct white balance, shutter speed and aperture to give me the best exposure/depth of field that I want for each specific shot is something I have now really gotten to grips with. I still make the odd mistake such as forgetting to re-adjust the settings from the last shot I took but issues such as this are minor and most of the time just me being careless. My main problem recently has been the composition of my photos. They can sometimes be a bit sub-par and slightly lacking that wow factor that makes a really great capture. This said, I am slowly improving and starting to gain more of an understanding of key elements of composition such as the rule of thirds, the use of horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines, vanishing points etc. Here are my 5 favourite shots that I took that day for you to have a look at. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome!

The Tree On The Hill
A tree on a cliff edge overlooking the sea.

Amy watching three divers emerge from the water.

Tunnel Vision
One of many tunnels we passed through on the way to the coast.

Mountains And Motorways
A shot of the mountains in the distance while we were on the motorway.

The Trees On The Hill
Some interesting trees that caught my eye near the beach.

A car waiting to pull out into the road once we moved out of the way.

All these shots were taken with a Nikon D300 and a 50mm f1.4 manual lens.


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