Andrew Holian's CD layout from the Miyazaki Workshop

Time flies and it's already almost two months since the workshop I held down in Miyazaki. Still, in this case time is making the experience sweeter: I have the excellent memories of a few days spent in the company of an awesome bunch of people and I have pictures to work on.

One of the projects we did down in Kyushu was to produce photos for a CD. An imaginary album of music by one of our models, maybe, or an album of music inspired by the sea, coast and landscape of where we were shooting.

+andrew holian sent me in a collection of pictures, mostly of Natsuki, to consider for the layout. It turned out that Andrew's strongest pictures were of Natsuki, so that's what I went with.

Great fun editing these images and then laying them out. It took me about 30mins to do the lot. Editing-wise I used Silver Efex Pro and a custom filter I have made for it, based on the 'Pull Processing' filter that comes with the plugin. Mine has the grain taken away and the contrast and brightness wound right back. I often use this as a filter to then blend as a 'Luminosity' mode layer in colour images, which helps bring back lost highlights. This time, though, the images seemed to really fit the low-contrast mono feel. 

The cover image I wound all the way back on brightness and amped the contrast. I love how it feels now.

Type added, album title and song titles created to fit the feel of the images and go with the album name.. kind of. The rest is just pure imagination on my part.

Fonts used?

NatsukiDoll = AlternateGothic2BT
Shouting Quietly & song titles = 078MKSD Medium Condensed

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