One light vs three lights: some strobe fun with Joe

I like gear but carrying loads of it can be a pain, literally. I am sat here right now planning four days of shooting in Fukuoka and Beppu, down in Kyushu.. and I am thinking about gear. The shooting is a real mixed bag, as it's a travel feature and needs to include architecture, portraits, landscapes and night shots. Hmmm, I've already warned the client to expect some receipts for excess baggage.

So here's me and my son messing around last night with one light and then three. The opening shot and the last shot are lit just by one Yongnuo 560 speedlight, going through a Bowens S-Fit small reflector dish and 50degree grid. For the second shot in the spread [bottom left] I used another two Yongnuo 560s, one behind each end of the sofa. 

To be honest, I like the one-light setup. That's good. It's probably gonna help me take less gear on my trip next week :-)

Gear used in these shots?

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS
Pentaz Super-Takumar 35mm f/3.5 adapted to Nikon F-mount
Yongnuo 560 speedlight
Cheetah Speedlight bracket
Bowens S-Fit reflector dish & 50degree grid


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  1. Craig Pifer

    The light behind the sofa just looks a bit out of place. I really wouldn't expect light to be coming from there, so the 1 light setup seems to be the stronger shot.

    Out of curiosity, what triggers are you using to fire the flash.

  2. Alfie Goodrich

    Yongnuo R-603N triggers, +Craig Pifer and I agree… it's just that we were playing with lights.. so one has to try these things to know whether they will look crap or not :-)

  3. Alfie Goodrich

    I've had these triggers working over 200m from the camera….. so they are good enough for most jobs.

  4. Craig Pifer

    Thank you. I'm wanting to get some of the Yongnuo flashes when I get some extra money for them. I had been looking at a couple different triggers, but haven't checked out these ones.

  5. Angyl

    Bottom left is weird in a meh way but bottom right is weird in an awesome haunting way. :)

  6. Caspar Thomas

    I also find myself taking a liking to the bottom right one – backlighting seems to work well there – and I know I keep saying this but I really like the way you've presented this and put the text together with the images. The placement of the parargraphs, the aligment, choice and size of font and the management of the space – it's just a joy to behold.

  7. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks +Caspar Thomas This is all working towards, by start of Feb-ish, having a magazine online for myself and my student's work. Also a few magazine related ideas in the pipeline.. that I want to make it to the paper stage.

    Plus, all this magazine layout stuff I do helps convince magazines to hire me for shoots, as they can see I have the correct sensibilities in shooting for print. A good feeling of how the photos are going to work with text, mastheads.. the negative vs active space. All important for a photographer. And fonts. I love fonts :-)

  8. Francesco Gallarotti

    Bottom left is a big winner, Alfie! Love the slight warm tone of the light and the play with geometries. But you already knew that 😉 Merry Christmas to you and your big family!!! Cheers!

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