Recalling an evening with John Sebastian

I was in the music business for about 12 years and I once had the honour of promoting one of John Sebastian's albums; a jug-band album he did for MusicMasters label around 1998. It took me to the Jazz Cafe in London one evening, to sell CDs at the gig. Had dinner with Sebastian before the concert and asked him about an album I had at home – released under Timoth Leary's name but featuring Stephen Stills, John Sebastian and – yes – Jimi Hendrix plying bass. Bass. Ever heard Hendrix on bass? So, asked Mr Sebastian about the recording… he said that although, unlike most people he COULD remember most of the '60s. But, that particular episode, when Leary, Stills, Hendrix and he put together the album….. he couldn't recall at all. :-)

Must have been a good session, I said.

'What do you think?' he replied, with a broad smile on his face.

Yeah…. one room I'd love to have been in with my camera. Or without. 

Here's the track with the best Hednrix bassline in:

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Live And Let Live
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