Tokyo in the snow: heaviest falls for a decade?

Tokyo in the snow - heavy snowfall in Tokyo

After a tiring weekend, driving up to Minamisoma and back on an food-aid delivery, I didn’t really feel up to much today and got up late.

Mind you, very happy we came back from up north yesterday evening and not today. The mountain road over the top from Soma to Fukushima City would have been nasty today and the roads in general are a bit of a nightmare according to the news.

Despite the late start to my day, I managed to get out for a little while today, to go to the shops and play around with the kids for a bit. Snow was pretty heavy for quite a few hours. Our locale, like most across Tokyo, was dumped on fairly heavily with about 10cm of snow in an hour or two.

I shot a few from the roof of our apartment block before I ventured out.

The snow was very wet. Not the best kind of snow to be out shooting in. I don’t worry so much about my D700 as it’s well weatherproofed and I always use an old manual focus lens when I am out in the snow. Less potential problems and no AF means less drain on the batteries which is useful in the cold. Plus AF tends to hunt a lot in the snow sometimes.

But in this wet and very dense snow, everything gets very wet, very quickly. It’s a pain to be out in it unless you are absolutely 100% tooled-up with the same clothes you would wear in a heavy rainstorm.

I wasn’t, really. Had a very warm jacket on but my gloves are not 100% waterproof and they got soaked. The coat was also very wet by the time I got home, as were my shoes.

Camera was fine. Left it to dry out with a bag of desiccant. All is well.

If you are shooting in very cold weather, never take the lens off until the camera is right back up to room temperature. Otherwise you will get condensation inside the body, which is not good.

Here’s a gallery of some of the good ones from today’s little walk. 

None are edited. These are just downsized from the original RAW files.

All were shot with my Monochrome 2 custom picture control for the Nikon.

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