The day after the snow: out with the macro lens

Water crops on the day the snow melted

Tokyo’s recent day of heavy snow was a lot of fun and I managed to get out and do some shooting in it, despite the very wet nature of the snow… which can be very uncomfortable to shoot in for long.

The day after the snow was bright, crisp and clear. After taking my youngest son to nursery in Shinbanba, just off the Old Tokkaido Road in Shinagawa-ku, I spent a little time walking back to our home.

Along the way there are a number of nice little shrines. The shot above was taken at one of the larger ones: Ebara Shrine.

Outside the shrine are two large stone pots, which catch the water running off of the roof gutters. After the previous day’s heavy snow the gutters and these pots were busy…. lots of meltwater to deal with.

I found a spot where the sunlight was backlighting the water; ideal for getting good definition of the water drops. Coincidentally, shooting in this direction also gave me a nice backdrop of trees with the sun peeping through the leaves. Macro shooting always tends to naturally mean very shallow depth of field, so this kind of background renders nicely.

So shallow was the DOF, even with the lens stopped-down to f/8 [this is because of the short camera to subject distance], that I was just getting some of the drops in focus. The splash was what I most wanted.

I spent a while shooting here then moved slowly off down the road towards home, on the way shooting mainly with the marco lens and selecting subjects that suited it: leaves frozen into the snow, road markings peeping through the snow etc etc.

Here’s a gallery with some of the better ones. They’re all un-edited, just converted from the RAW files and re-sized.


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