Charlie and his Olympus OM2-SP

Thanks to a good friend, +Charles Lacz, our little Charlie has himself a new camera. Sadly, a while back, Charles dropped his OM2-SP and the meter doesn't work anymore. The lens now has a sticky aperture. So, as Charles was having a bit of a spring-clean last week, little Charlie scored himself a new toy. 

It's at moments like these that I wish my father were still alive, as my first SLR was his old OM1n and I later had a 2-SP of my own as well. It'd have given dad a kick to see my youngest wielding this camera.

Charlie loves it and takes great joy in shooting and winding-on. Glad to have snapped him a few minutes ago playing with it. Maybe the little fella will end up doing something with cameras in his future. 

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8AiS


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  1. Bruno Marongiu

    se ton enfant çà 

  2. Ronnie Isacsson

    Would not be surprised if he becomes a photographer, he looks focused in all cases. My son lives in Japan(Kyoto) nowadays studying the language and have some interest in photography for blogging.
    Have a nice day !

  3. Pablo Luis Gonzalez

    I still have my OM1n :)

  4. mikako uemura


  5. Kelli Seeger Kim


  6. Shuji Moriwaki

    much too cute! teach him how to use film,.. there's something special about winding on.

  7. Alfie Goodrich

    My Epson RD1 has a wind-on :-)

  8. Slava Komisaroff


  9. Mark Stepp

    Great shots!

  10. Alfie Goodrich

    He loves cars, getting good with the camera…. I'll have him write to you in a few years and ask for a job, +Mark Stepp :-)

  11. Mark Stepp

    We will all be asking Charlie for a job in a few years.

  12. Alfie Goodrich

    You could well be right there mate…

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