Street photography: it's all about getting close [however you can]

There is this mantra among street photographers of 'get close'. I totally agree with them…..

…and here's one other interpretation of that 'rule'.

The shot on the left was made with the 500mm Nikon you see on the right.

We did a little street shooting that afternoon and were later joined by a friend of mine who came out to model for us whilst we shot some street fashion.

Big thanks to Remi Farvaque for the lens, who was in Japan for the fashion workshop I ran in Kyushu. He stuck around for a few days afterwards, in Tokyo, and a bunch of us had some fun with his wonderful 500mm f/4 VR lens.

Some days you just gotta go big! :-)

Using this lens is like travelling in time.. you get to shoot people 5mins before they actually reach you on the street.

Thanks also to Remi for shooting this pic of me in action on the Ginza.

Gear for the shot on the left?
Nikon D700
Nikkor 500mm f/4 AF-S VR
DR-3 right-angle viewfinder
Shot in monochrome, run through Silver Efex Pro's 'Pull Process' filter to bring back some of the blown highlights.

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