Fashion photography classes in Tokyo: Shiho, the model, DJ & designer

Fashion photography classes in Tokyo: Shiho, the model, DJ & designer

I was out yesterday doing the first shoot with two guys who've signed up for the intro to fashion photography course I'm doing here in Tokyo.

I don't really tend to shoot a lot on these classes with my own camera; I shoot a few with student's cameras as it's good to give them some ideas and better to prove something can be done with their gear and not mine.

But… as Shiho and I haven't shot with each other before, I took the chance on the final setup of the day to shoot 10 or 20 frames for myself.

Yesterday's class was all about using ambient light only and +andrew holian  and +Jeff Matsuya had previously scouted a bunch of locations, some of which we used and some we didn't. 

Over the course we cover some fashion photography history, location scouting, ambient-only shooting, ambient with flash [both location shoots] and then flash in the studio.

Shiho came out yesterday with Masako, a model I have worked with a few times. My youngest daughter also came along. Ami's almost 10 years old. She likes modelling and including her in the mix gave the fellas the challenge of working with a child and [in shots where Ami was paired with Masako] where there is a big height differential between the two subjects.

Lots of great shots from Jeff and Andrew, which I will be working up into some magazine layouts soon. I look forward to seeing their shots but from what I saw on the camera LCDs, they got some great stuff yesterday.

Gear and processing on these shots of mine?
Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF

In Photoshop using Nik Color Efex Pro3 [all done in about 5-6mins]
Photo Stylizer [setting no.1]: lightens skin and pumps red
Darken-Lighten Centre to do a little extra lightening to the face and drop the background brightness a little.
Cross Process to a slightly blue tone but not on the skin.

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