Fashion photography courses in Japan: Shiho in Chinatown

I was down in Yokohama earlier this week with Shiho Mikuni and one of my students, Ron, who is currently taking the 15hr Intro to Fashion Photography course that I run.

To set the scene for Ron, as to how to get something out of the 300mm for a shot he wanted to do, I shot this frame of Shiho.

I took a few bits of my glass for Ron to use as part of the set of shots he wanted seemed like it would benefit from the perspective compression you get from this telephoto in particular.

We all had a great time, moving through Yokohama's Chinatown and down to the seafront in Yamashita Park… two-and-a-half hours of shooting, many different cuts done. Great afternoon out. 

This was Ron's 'ambient light only' lesson. Next we tackle mixing ambient with flash.

Ron devised a look for Shiho; sort of moody rock chick meets James Dean. Shiho did her own hair and makeup.

Gear and Processing?
Nikon D700
Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

RAW converted to TIFF in Photoshop
Run through Nik Color Efex pro 3's 'photo stylizer, darken lighten centre filters to amp certain colour channels and slightly darken down everything but Shiho's face.


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