NHK World piece on MyJapan project & my work for it

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  1. Lisa Borel

    I don't know what to say +Alfie Goodrich . I am so sorry this has impacted your life, and Japan. Hopefully your work will bring awareness, maybe change?

  2. Olga van Saane

    Mixed feelings here: sad, of course, again – thinking back to what happened there, and yes, like +Lisa Borel said, how it affected your life. But above all – so glad to hear about work you and your friends do for the recovery of the region. Makes a lot of sense to me, when you love the country deeply. You love – you care.

  3. Jennifer Tackman

    Your work is so important… your love and attachment shows in your photos. You really are amazing and I hope you can hear how your work has moved people to not forget, not only the event, but the families and community that call it home.

  4. Matthias Ellinger

    This is great work! Is it possible to get the book in Germany?

  5. Alfie Goodrich

    +Matthias Ellinger I am sure if you contacted Liezel Strauss at Subject Matter / MyJapan she'd be able to sort out a copy for you.

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