Stekki – the new magazine from Japanorama

A quick preview of the long awaited magazine from myself/Japanorama.

'stekki' is the phonetic english [or romaji] for すてき [soo-teh-key], which means wonderful, lovely, splendid, great… 

Editorial meeting tomorrow with one collaborator. Then we put the gas pedal down to get the first issue finished asap. Now the name, general style is sorted out it's all down to the content… gathering that all together over the next few weeks. It's been a long wait for this to come to fruition and there will be some changes to things along the way but we're on the final few laps now. Excited.

+andrew holian's photos grace this preview. Shot with my daughter, Shiho Mikuni and Masako Tatsukawa recently – for lesson one of the fashion course Andrew is doing with me. The lovely Shiho makes it onto the cover. She'll be joining us for the workshop in Tohoku at the end of this month. Very excited about that too.

Stekki: the new magazine from Japanorama
Preview of the new magazine from Full publication available soon.

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  1. Alex Wirianski

    Preview looks nice +Alfie Goodrich !  I know you've probably got it all under control, but if you need any anally retentive proof reading for typos, grammar, etc., then feel free to let me know. I'd be happy to help.
    Cheers Mate!

  2. Alfie Goodrich

    Have a poof, sorry, proof-reader on board but the thing about proof-reading is that more eyes make for a better result. So, yes, that'd be great Alex. Thanks mate.

  3. Pablo Luis Gonzalez

    Love the minimalist design…

    Btw, i did a design for the Viñoly building many years ago, but never submitted it :( it was an open international competition.

  4. Ne Z

    stekki shots^^

  5. Li-cheng Hsu

    Very nice :)

  6. Alfie Goodrich

    PDF updated with a few changes, some more proposed content, slight change to the cover etc

  7. Jeff Matsuya

    Looks good!  And serves as a reminder that I need to go through my images as well – we need more than 24hrs a day sometimes…

  8. Alfie Goodrich

    Was thinking about a logo, +Richard Di Cesidio but I like the minimalism of this and getting to this was via a few previous versions, different name and branding, logos etc.. so I may well stay with the minimalism of it all. Thanks though mate.

    +Jeff Matsuya For sure… worked about 19 of the hours in yesterday… so if you find that magic 36hr day anywhere around, do let me know :-) And I look forward to the shots of yours. Don't worry about processing them… if you can just get me 25 large jpegs then I can edit and then process the selection for you.

  9. Jeff Matsuya

    Alright, going without the processing will definitely save some time +Alfie Goodrich – I'll see if I can get them out to you tonight.

    As for the 36hr day – still looking…

  10. Francesco Gallarotti

    I love everything about this, +Alfie Goodrich ! One question… was "poof reader" instead of "proof reader" a clear example of your British humor?

  11. Francesco Gallarotti

    By the way, I absolutely LOVE the name, the font you selected and the fact that the name itself is the logo (plus you can change its color based on the color of the cover picture, I assume?). Feels Japanese enough, but with a Scandinavian touch…

  12. Giovanni Piliarvu

    I love the design as well! As Francesco says, Japanese enough with a scandinavian touch.
    And +andrew holian shots… cool!

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