New edition of Stekki magazine online now: Tohoku Workshop Special Edition

New edition of Stekki magazine online now: Tohoku Workshop Special Edition

Big thanks to all concerned: Celia Rae, Paul Church, Michael Martin, Henrik Jaeger, Salvador Alvarez, Akiko Masuda, Ron Inman, Damien D'Angelo, Shinyong Lee and Shiho Mikuni.

It was a great workshop and you guys produced some wonderful work. 

A great pleasure to be able to organise it all and be there to help you make it happen.

Stekki: Issue no.2 Tohoku Workshop Special
Stekki – The magazine for lovers of photography and Japan.

This issue is made up of photos by Alfie Goodrich and the photographers who accompanied him on a recent fashion photography workshop to Tohoku, Japan.

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  1. Alfie Goodrich

    P.S. Give this time to load when you click on the link: it's 102pp long and a large PDF. Thanks.

  2. Anita Farauamap

    Love the cover photo +Alfie Goodrich.

  3. Alfie Goodrich

    That cover photo is by Damien D'Angelo. Thanks.

  4. andrew gram

    It looks good. I was surprised at how many pages you put together and all with good content. I haven't read it yet but it looks nice :)

  5. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks Andrew.

  6. jejen maulana

    god fhoto………ok

  7. Celia Rae

    I…may have jumped up and down and squeed when I saw the finished magazine. 😀 The entire things looks great!

  8. berhil naima


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