Sunset at Candi Swa, Java

A quick iPhone shot from yesterday and, wow, what a wonderful end to a very long day. Well, it wasn't the end actually, as we later shot the ballet at Ramayana.

20hr work day yesterday and a sunburned face to show for it, as well as around 65GB of pics.

Just about to head out the door again.

Great shooting so far here in Yogyakarta.

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  1. Andrzej Wisniewski

    Looks like Angkor Wat, but Indonesia also has plenty of similar treasures. Are you there for photo project?

  2. Mark Forman

    Nice silhouette,beautiful purple

  3. Restu Curly

    Try to visiting the temples Boko. There are many beautiful spots for your photo project.

  4. Alfie Goodrich

    +Andrzej Wisniewski Shooting here for a client in Japan. Finished the shoot about 30mins ago. Off to Dubai tomorrow, +Restu Curly and then Malaysia before returning to Japan on the 11th Dec. Loved Indonesia. Will definitely be back here again….

  5. maralyn pollock

    Sounds wonderful lucky U

  6. Ken Rutkowski

    I was there last week!

  7. Restu Curly

    Thanks +Alfie Goodrich for visited my lovely hometown.

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