Latest two layouts from the 'shooting artwork for a classical music CD' …

Latest two layouts from the 'shooting artwork for a classical music CD' workshop

Going to put these all in an article when I am done with them. But here are the latest two: blue flavoured one from Paul Tsai; red/snowy/leaf one from Dennis Hrebtov.

I decided to try something different with Dennis' layout. The pic has a lot more tone in it than the version he sent. I managed to pull a lot of detail out of the snow.

Thought it might be fun to just use one photo across the whole package.

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  1. Eric Seaholm

    Looking great, man.

  2. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks, Eric.

  3. Marc Steen

    Really loving the design, would love to get a chance to work on something like that.

  4. Alfie Goodrich

    The whole project was just inside my head, +Marc Steen. Shared it with these guys and they got the shots. Lot of fun. If you want the cd package templates I'd be happy to send them to you.

  5. Marc Steen

    +Alfie Goodrich could be fun. My email is

  6. Alfie Goodrich

    I'll send them over when I get home, +Marc Steen

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