The last one of these CD layouts, for now

I have had a lot of fun doing this project and I hope the people who came along like what we were able to make from their lovely shots.

This one is from +Matthias I. Lambrecht. Great work, sir. Love the yellow. Love the tree shots. You definitely got your head around what was necessary for this workshop. Some of the building shots you turned in were wonderful too. But the strong, repeating patterns weren't working so well for text overlay, so they didnt make the cut. But.. great stuff. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Jheyo venero roncal

    ELEGANT.. great piece

  2. Matthias I. Lambrecht

    +Alfie Goodrich Very nice, I like how everything comes together. I didn't imagine the yellow line would be this powerful, really shows how effective cropping and aspect ratios can be. 

    Using the long end of the zoom lens to hunt for abstract patterns was a very interesting challenge, definitely something to keep in mind for the future. Thanks for a great lesson!

  3. Randa Ali


  4. Alfie Goodrich

    Very happy that you're happy, +Matthias I. Lambrecht. 'Seeing' extends all the way through to the editor or designer seeing additional worlds inside the worlds you saw with the camera. It was very quick for me to see the cover in that shot you sent. Very enjoyable process for me, all of this. Thanks.

  5. Randa Ali


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